Pragmatic Communion:
Biblical Leadership (Discipleship) Training, Consulting & Speaking

Below is a comprehensive list of the training and services I offer as a Biblical leadership trainer, consultant and speaker:

Keynote Speaking

Any of the Biblical Leadership training topics I offer can be scaled back to fit within the limitations of a short but engaging speech.

Due to differences in event structure, audience needs, requested content, budget constraints, location and venue, my fee for speaking is negotiated. Don't let an assumption that my fee is out of reach prevent you from contacting me to find out if I'm right for your event. I've been known to deliver presentations at at a reduced fee or at no charge - depending on the circumstances. (For a Full List of Speaking Topics, Click HERE.)
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Biblical Leadership Mastermind

A 16-week, intimate and collaborative mastermind journey designed to help you deepen your relationship to Christ, strengthen your personal and professional relationships, identify and pursue your calling, advance your career and experience significant personal growth.

What you can expect:
  • A no cost, no obligation pre-session meeting with me to assess your current situation and relationships, explore goals, identify barriers, and determine if this mastermind group is the right fit for you and/or the right season for your life.
  • A private 3 hour in-person kick-off intensive with the group.
  • Four meetings per month:
     ~ Twice monthly in-person group lesson/discussion meetings.
     ~ Twice monthly call or meeting with me to address individual issues.
  • Grace-based but honest developmental feedback and accountability.
  • Enthusiastic recognition and celebration of progress.
  • A private 3 hour in-person wrap-up intensive with the group.
Sessions run twice per year and enrollment is limited to 4 members:
Spring Mastermind Session: January - April
Fall Mastermind Session: August - November

Cost is $1000, payable in:
4 monthly installments of $250 or
$950 if paid in full prior to the kick-off event (a $50 savings!)
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Biblical Leadership Seminars & Workshops

Select an entire Signature Pragmatic Program to be delivered over a number of weeks or chose topics al la carte to create a custom curriculm or Custom Retreat Series to fit your needs and schedule. Seminars are lecture based and Workshops incorporate interactive exercises. Each session typically runs 60 to 90 minutes in duration with an unlimited number of participants. (Click HERE to view Biblical Leadership training topics)

Choose from the following pricing structures (or inquire about a possible discount if your budget is a barrier to us working together):
  • $150 - A Single Seminar/Topic
  • $400 - Three Seminars/Topics (Save $50)
  • $800 - Six Seminars/Topics (Save $100)
  • $1300 - (BEST VALUE) a Full Pragmatic Signature Program ( 10 Seminars)



Biblical Leadership Training Classes

Classes are in-depth and are highly interactive. The maximum class duration is three hours to maximize retention & training effectiveness and the recommended maximum class size is limited to 12 students to provide ample opportunity for participation.

Rates: Class pricing is calculated using the following formula:
$20 dollars per person, per hour, with a 6 person minimum.*

For example:
- Per person fee for a 2 hour class is $40
   (With a 6 person minimum = $180)
- Per person fee for a 3 hour class is $60
   (With a 6 person minimum = $360)

* Minimum Fee is based on a 6 person minimum, actual class size may be less.
** When purchasing multiple sessions of the same class, the student fee is discounted to $15 per person per hour.


Signature Programs

Signature programs are custom training programs I've developed, each incorporating some of the individual topics above, but also digging much deeper into the material. These Signature Programs aren't limited to knowledge and communication theory, but also take the next logical step to coaching practical application in your personal and professional relationships and circumstances.
  • Communication in the Church
  • Biblical Leadership
  • Grace-Based Communication in a Hostile World
  • Successful Conflict Resolution
  • Listening to Help
  • Abundant Life (Biblical Discipleship)


Faith-Based Training & Speaking Topics

The topics below are all included in my Faith-Based Pragmatic Signature Coaching Programs, but each topic can be taught independently to groups or to individuals with or without personal coaching for practical application within your own relationships. In addition, a full-bodied and engaging summary of each topic can be delivered as a keynote address. [Click HERE for a list of Communication Training and Speaking Topics]

(Click Here for Individual and Seminar Pricing)
  • The Pragmatics of Prayer - Depending on the context and length of the training or the limitations of delivery withing a keynote speech, possible coverage of this topic can dig into reasons we pray, the efficacy of prayer, hindrances to prayer, seasons of prayerlessness, developing a diversified "Prayer-Folio" and how to pray without ceasing.

  • Pragmatic Reading for Spiritual Growth - Before scripture means something to US, it means something [period]. In this topic, I share how to investigate the author's meaning before applying your own and how to find guidance and resources when you don't understand. I help find the method and schedule for reading that works for YOU in this season of your life (it can change) and I walk you through recognizing the dangers of playing "Bible Roulette", using "Magic Eight Bible" to rationalize opnions and decisions and the "Spiritual Horoscope" to guide decision-making. [In short - Nope, Nope and Nope.] As with prayer, you can dig in deep with me during multi-session training or I can cover a sub-topic within keynote speech

  • Grace-Based Pragmatic Conflict Resolution - This topic has the same foundation as its secular counter-part, Pragmatic Confict Resolution, but every aspect is grounded in faith, grace and prayer. First, I share the positive consequences of conflict and possible negative consequences when there's a lack of conflit and then I teach you recognize situations when it is best to intentionally avoid confrontation and when you should attempt to resolve conflict. Most importantly, and Learn how to prepare your heart and mind for Discover the steps you should take in response to by employing 9 strategic steps.

  • Saying Difficult Things in Love (aka Constructive Criticism) - Learn to respectfully and supportively give honest, objective feedback with a goal of minimizing tension and maximizing the possibility of a postive, productive outcome. On the flipside, learn how to receive, process and respond to both negative and positive feedback.

  • Sermons and Messages with Clarity and Purpose - I can help you strengthen your delivery by honing your speaking skills. Fine tune the organization of your content, find the optimum length and structure to promote retention and confirm your message is coming across as clearly as you believe it is.

  • Dealing with Crazymakers - Learn to identify classic narcissistic tactics and equip yourself to respond (instead of react) to attempts of manipulation and passive-aggressive attacks. (This topic deals with proactive and responsive communication tactics only. If you are are struggling with recovery from abuse, PLEASE seek the assistance of a professional therapist specializing in the treatment of victims of narcissistic personality disorder.