Computer Training & Consulting

Below is a comprehensive list of the computer services I offer:

  • Individual Computer Training
  • When I say indivual computer training is highly customized, I mean there are often multiple ways to accomplish the same task. Sometimes, a standard and "technically correct" method may not be the best way for you. When I recommended customized computing solutions, I always take into account:

    - The Goal(s) You Need to Achieve
    - Your Individual Aptitude, Work Processes and Preferences
    - Work Group Expectations and Organizational Culture

    Individual Computer Training Rates:
    $110 - A single stand alone individual computer training is provided at $110 per hour and more often than not, one hour is all you'll need to significantly, positively improve your speed and efficiency.

    $330 - Buy three individual hour long training sessions and get a fourth session FREE. Pre-purchased training sessions never expire.

    Don't need a full hour? No problem. I'll prorate my fee.

    So call me. email me. The sooner you schedule a training session with me, the sooner you'll be getting your work done faster and more efficiently!

    Note: Remote Computer Training utilizes online conferencing software. During the training, I'm able to view your computer while talking with you on the phone. You choose whether to share your keyboard and mouse control with me during the session. This online conferencing is secure and is provided at no additional cost to you.



    New Hire and Executive Computer Training

    while identifying custom computing solutions



    One Hour Computer Seminars

    Boost the productivity and efficiency of your executives and staff by providing a training seminar during a meeting, as part of a catered or "brown bag" employee luncheon, or during any other time during the work week. (Computing seminars are most effective when incorporating the use of a firm's projection capabilities.)

    I offer three pricing structures to choose from:
    Purchase a Single Seminar for $160
    Buy one, get a second one at 20% Off (Two Seminars for $288)
    Buy one, get two more at 25% off (BEST VALUE - Three Seminars for $400)



    Computer Training Classes

  • Classes are scheduled in blocks of three hours or less to maximize retention & training effectiveness.
  • The recommended maximum class size is 12 students.
  • Because classes are interactive and NOT lecture based, it will always take longer to cover the same material with 12 people than it will with 6 people. Class content is never rushed, regardless of class size.
  • While fees are based on a 6 person minimum, actual class size may be less if preferred.

    The most cost effective format incorporates a single computer on overhead projection. Because training is so interactive and customized, this format has proven to be not only cost effective, but extremely successful. The best case scenario is for every student to have access to a computer during class.

    Rates: Class pricing is based on a per student fee and is calculated using the following formula - $25 dollars per person, per hour, with a 6 person minimum. For example:

    - The per person fee for a 2 hour class is $50
       (With a 6 person minimum = $300)
    - The per person fee for a 2 ½ hour class is $62.50
       (With a 6 person minimum = $375)
    - Per person fee for a 3 hour class is $75
       (With a 6 person minimum = $450)

    When applicable, facility rental, equipment rental and material duplication costs will be passed directly to the client with no markup.



    Computer Consulting

    I've said that it takes me minutes to customize software according to my checklists, resulting in an increase in efficiency. Keep in mind while the customization of a particular computer takes minutes, it's taken me 20 years to compile the lists. I customize sofware after it is installed, apply updates and service packs, configure printers.

    Signature Programs

    Signature programs are custom training programs and I need to write some descriptive text to go here.

    SHRM Training Classes

    image I'm an approved provider of continuing education credits for SHRM. Unfortunately, in accordance with SHRM's ____Body of Knowledge, computer training is not eligible for SHRM continuing education credits.