I provide signature training, consulting, coaching and speaking focused within three main areas: Computing, Communication and Communion with God.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the services I offer. Click one of the links to jump to a description for more information.


Computer Training


Individual Computer Training

Delivered remotely, on-site at your office or even in a coffee shop, one-on-one training is the best value for your money. We can accomplish exponentially more in 60 minutes together than you ever will sitting through hours of one-size-fits-all training. Highly customized to meet YOUR specifc needs, ZERO time is wasted going through generic exercises to learn features you'll never use. I focus every minute of our time together on YOU, showing you how to use your own computer as a powerful tool to accomplish your tasks, increase your productivity and maximize your time.
BONUS: During the training sessions, I also provide FREE customization of your software settings and button bars/ribbons, providing immediate increased efficiency and convenience.
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New Hire and Executive Computer Training

Taking into account unique client requirements, I develop custom new hire training content, providing consistency in getting each new employee off to a strong start. Combined new hire training and computer customization typically takes no longer than 2 hours and a 30 minute follow-up session is recommended after at least one week on the job.
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One Hour Computer Seminars

With no maximum seat limits, pack your conference room and increase the productivity and efficiency of both staff and executives alike. These flat fee seminars are more structured than individual training, still highly interactive, and always customized to meet the specific needs of a your organization. Schedule a single seminar or save money by purchasing a block of seminars to be scheduled over time.
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Computer Training Classes

More structured than individual training and longer than a seminar, classes are still highly interactive and always customized for each client. I maximize class time by acknowledging your current knowledge and experience and by comparing known and current methods of accomplishing tasks with new procedures. I use examples which relate to your organization or industry, using in-house documents when provided.
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Computer Consulting


Computer Consulting

As a computer consultant, the word which most frequently appears on my invoices is "troubleshoot."
In addition to providing end user support ranging from document production to printing and everything in between, I often supplement and collaborate with a client's IT professionals, freeing them up to focus on more technical IT issues. I love the way one of my clients described it:

"The IT Department takes care of my computers.
You take care of my people.

Over the last 20 years, I've compiled a checklist of settings I typically customize in Windows operating systems, Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect. What takes me minutes to change on your computer, often saves you hours of frustration, making your computer easier and more intutive to use.
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Communication Training, Consulting,
  Coaching & Speaking


Skim the surface or dig in deep. Personally, I'd prefer to dig in and walk alongside you as you step through one of my Pragmatic Signature Training and Coaching Programs.

Alternatively, the individual communication methods I incorporate into my signature programs can be taught independently and delivered in a variety of training and public speaking formats:   
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Resume Service

I don't create your resume FOR you, I create your resume WITH you. A copy of your existing resume or a list of your previous jobs doesn't provide me with enough information to build a strong picture of who you are and what you have to offer. I need to TALK to you. Be prepared to spend at least one hour with me - maybe two - while I ask you investigative questions about your work history and seek to identify any and all education and life experiences which contribute to your qualifications. My goal is to equip you with a resume that opens the door to an interview leading to a thriving CAREER, not just a job.

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Interview Prep

Let me help you ACE your job interviews! First, I'll walk you through a detailed review of your resume from the perspective of a potential employer, then I'll help you create an interest provoking response to the "Tell me a little bit about yourself" question and finally, through safe but effective mock interviewing, I'll help you to:
  • make a strong positive first impression
  • establish a connection with an interviewer
  • identify and respond to the "real" questions behind the questions being asked
  • highlight how your unique skills and experience can benefit a potential employer
  • negotiate compensation and benefits
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Signature Programs


Pragmatic Career Coaching

It's not uncommon for us to spend more time planning a vacation than we spend intentionally planning our careers. If you are unemployed or underemployed, I can help you plan and navigage a career path that:
  • provides financial security and potential for growth
  • combines your skills, education, experience and passion to be creative
  • matches those strengths with the needs of employers and clients
  • leads you to experience significance


Biblical Leadership, Church & Parachurch Training, Consulting & Speaking

With more than 30 years of ministry and leadership experience in various capacities within a number of churches, denominations and parachurch organizations, and through relational and Biblical discipleship practices that include prayerful support, training and mentoring, my passion is help people recognize the difference between religious practices and relationship with Jesus and to inspire them to desire and strive for ABUNDANT LIFE in Christ instead of settling for a "good Christian life."

At the risk of oversimplifying, the foundation of everything I teach and share in the context of Biblical Leadership is: "Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples" and much of my focus is grounded in helping believers learn how to practice the presence of God, helping them develop a Christian worldview and how to be a grace-filled witness for Christ in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to people of faith. To that end, some services I offer are:
  • staff/lay worker/small group leadership training
  • confidential consulting, mentoring and discipleship
  • full or partial retreat leadership
  • keynote speaking and worship leading
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I'm also an experienced vocalist and although I am available to sing at weddings, funerals and other events, my preference is to lead worship.
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