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Computer Consulting & Training

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Computer Consulting

For over 25 years, I've been providing computer training and consulting with a demonstrated history of immediate and lasting increase in productivity. In addition to providing end user support ranging from document production to printing and everything in between, I often supplement and collaborate with my client's IT professionals, freeing them up to focus on more technical IT issues. I love the way one of my clients described it:

“[The IT Contractor] takes care of my computers.
You take care of my people.”

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Individual Computer Training

We can accomplish exponentially more in one hour together than you ever will sitting through hours of one-size-fits-few training, learning features you'll never use. Instead, let me equip you to leverage your computer as a powerful tool to help you maximize your productivity and eliminate wasted time.
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Executive Computer Training

I never waste an Executive's time teaching them to use aspects of software they will never need. My goal is to determine exactly what tasks they would like to be able to accomplish, show them the fastest and easiest method to accomplish them, customize their software settings to smooth and speed up their workflow and when possible, create custom forms and shortcuts just for them.
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New Hire Computer Training

Incorporating client specific information and procedural requirements, I develop custom new hire training content, providing consistency and getting each new employee off to a strong start. During the training, I assess their current knowledge so I don't waste any time teaching them something they already know or worse, assume they know how to do something when they actually don't.
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One Hour Computer Seminars

With no maximum seat limits, pack your conference room and increase the productivity and efficiency of both staff and executives. These flat fee seminars are lecture based, interactive and always customized to incorporate the specific needs of your organization. Schedule a single seminar or save money by purchasing a block of seminars to be scheduled over time.
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Computer Training Classes

More structured than individual training and longer than a seminar, classes are still highly interactive and always customized for each client. I maximize class time by acknowledging and building on your employee's current knowledge and experience, by comparing known and current methods of accomplishing tasks with new procedures and by citing examples which relate to your organization or industry, incorporating the use of in-house documents when provided.
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Website Creation

Three to Five Pages, either Wordpress or HTML5/CSS
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Communication Training & Coaching

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Individual Communication Training

Do you struggle to:
◼ resolve conflict peacefully?
◼ successfully navigate the new multi-generational workplace?
◼ deal with a crazymaker?
◼ create a professional informative or persuasive presentation?
◼ negotiate with or motivate someone?
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Individual & Executive Communication Coaching

Coaching results in learning that is transformational, not just informational.. While training provides information and equips you with communication tools, one-on-one coaching goes a step further and helps you use those tools effectively, resulting in competent and respected leadership, stronger business and personal relationships and expert presentation skills. Contact me to schedule your FREE, 30 minute, no pressure consult call.
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Communication Seminars/Workshops/Classes

Develop the communication skills of your executives and staff and encourage alignment with your organizational culture by providing a training seminar during a meeting, as part of a "Lunch-N-Learn" or during any other time during the work week.
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Conference or Keynote Speaker

No matter the topic, my speaking style is extemporaneous and incorporates a combination of down to earth instructional and engaging inspirational content. A full-bodied and engaging summary of any communication topic I teach can be delivered as a keynote address or to lead a conference session. I love to learn and add to my teaching and speaking repertoire, so I'm also willing to develop a custom presentation to support your theme.
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Biblical Discipleship Training

If you find yourself wondering if there's MORE to being a Christian than a religious affiliation, a heart for service and striving to live a moral lifestyle, there IS. Through relational and Biblical discipleship practices that include prayerful support, training and mentoring, my passion is to help people discover the difference between religious practices and a relationship with Jesus and to inspire them to desire and strive for ABUNDANT LIFE in Christ instead of settling for a "good Christian life."
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Biblical Leadership Training

At the risk of oversimplifying, the foundation of everything I teach in the context of Biblical Leadership is: "Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples" and my focus is grounded in helping believers learn how to practice the presence of God, helping them develop an authentic Christian worldview and how to be a grace-filled witness for Christ in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to people of faith.
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Retreat Leadership, Keynote Speaking

No matter the topic, my speaking style is extemporaneous and incorporates a combination of down to earth instructional and engaging inspirational content. My prepared messages can be expanded or summarized depending on the structure and schedule of your event and because I'm always interested in learning, I will always be open to developing new content to suppport your event theme.
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Career Coaching

I've heard it said that people spend more time planning their vacations than their career. If you need to start, jumpstart or redirect your career, I can help you plan and navigate a path that:
◼ Provides financial security and potential for growth.
◼ Combines your skills, education, experience and passion.
◼ Matches those strengths with the needs of employers/clients.
◼ Leads you to experience significance.
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One of a Kind Resume Service

I call it One of a Kind because ❶ YOU are one of a kind and ❷ my method of creating resumes is unlike any other. I believe you are the greatest resource of information about you, so I do intensive line-by-line editing while I spend hours asking you investigative questions about your work history, seeking to identify any and all education and life experiences which contribute to your qualifications.
Not sure? The first 30 minutes are FREE, with no obligation or pressure to continue.
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Personalized Interview Prep

After reviewing a copy of your resume and the job description, I'll walk you through a no-stress mock interview, preparing you to: ◼ Respond to the most common interview questions ◼ Provide additonal details about items on your resume ◼ Answer situational questions using the STAR Model ◼ Recognize questions behind the questions ◼ Respond to illegal questions ◼ Negotiate salary and benefits
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Online Audit and Profile Creation

We start with creating a strong professional profile on LinkedIn. (Get a head start with my post: "How to Customize your LinkedIn URL in 6 Easy Steps") If your work experience warrants it, I'll help you create an online profile, which is a website all about you. Lastly, we'll do an audit of your online presence, including a comprehensive social media review, to insure you lead with your best foot forward when your potential employers search for your digital footprint. And they will.
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Conference or Keynote Speaker

When it comes to career development and job search strategies, my speaking style incorporates a combination of down to earth instructional and engaging inspirational content. I cover both hard and soft skills and any topic can be summarized and delivered as a keynote address or expanded to lead a conference session.
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